Posted on 25 March 2020 in awards, news

Sixth Flexible Grants for Small Groups Competition – Awards Made

In October 2019, the ISRF launched its sixth Flexible Grants for Small Groups competition. Having received a number of strong proposals, a pool of independent external assessors supported the funding of 17 projects.

Sixth Flexible Grants for Small Groups Competition

Scholars from within Europe were eligible to apply as Principal Investigator(s) to lead a small group of 2-10 scholars. Awards were made to:

  • From the Ivory Tower to the Shantytown: How Does Critical Legal Theory Respond to Political Uprisings?
    Mohsen Ahmed & Thamil Ananthavinayagan
  • Deciphering Violence: New Network Analytic Tools for Improving Hate Speech Detection Online
    James Allen-Robertson & Johanna Römer
  • The Role of Commodity Trading Firms in the Global Political Economy
    Joseph Baines & Sandy Hager
  • The transformation(s) of public power: the rise of conditionality
    Antonia Baraggia & Matteo Bonelli
  • From Acts of Dispossession to Practices of Commoning: Re-considering the Life-worlds of Property
    Brenna Bhandar & Michele Spanò
  • Private Power and Museums: Redressing the Impact of Inequality on Artworld Institutions
    Kathryn Brown
  • Consolidating the International Network on Digital Labour (C-INDL)
    Antonio Casilli & Paola Tubaro
  • Decolonising political thought: a reconsideration of political thinkers
    Simon Choat & Manjeet Ramgotra
  • Growing Old Disgracefully: ageing and social inclusion in the cultural industries
    Rachel Connor
  • Dialogues on Food Geographies: towards Decolonisation?
    Agatha Herman, Moya Kneafsey & Rebecca Sandover
  • Indigenous Rights Recognition in Mongolia: Challenges and Opportunities
    Jennifer Lander
  • Hybrid Futures: design encounters with critical technology literacy
    Betti Marenko
  • In the company of “Dada”: countering “business as usual” in the era of climate change
    Lilian Moncrieff
  • A Culture of Psychosis: A psychosocial case study approach to contemporary ‘ordinary psychosis’
    Calum Neill
  • Managing Conflicts in the Age of Global Governance: Insights from Twentieth-Century History
    Martin Ottovay Jørgensen & Volker Prott
  • Energy and Society: Shifts in Historical Understanding
    Daniela Russ & Thomas Turnbull
  • The Work of Working on Violence: Reflecting on researching violence against women
    Maria Garner & Fiona Vera-Gray

Contacting Grantees

If you would like to contact any of our Grantees to discuss their ISRF-funded work, please contact Dr Lars Cornelissen (Academic Editor) in the first instance, at