Early Career Fellowships

Scholars from within Europe are eligible to apply – applicants should be within 10 years of PhD award, and they will normally have a permanent appointment at an institution of higher education and research.

Career breaks may be taken into account. The awards are intended as providing full relief from all teaching duties and all associated academic administration for a period of (up to) one year; applications may be made by those whose sole or principal post is a part-time equivalent.

The amount of an award depends on the nature of the work proposed and individual circumstances – the ISRF expects applications for grants up to a maximum of £60,000 (from January 2021) to buy-out the cost of all teaching and associated administration in the applicant’s home institution for up to 12 months. Within that sum, reasonable support for research expenses may be considered on a matched-funding basis.

The next Early Career Fellowship competition is provisionally scheduled to launch in the first half of 2023.

Sixth Early Career Fellowship Competition

In January 2021, the ISRF launched its sixth Early Career Fellowship competition. Having received a number of strong proposals, the Selection Panel met in September 2021, and voted to make six awards.

ISRF Greg Constantine
Dr Greg Constantine

Disrupting Genocide: Restoring the ‘Potential History’ of the Rohingya

Dr Levi Gahman
Dr Levi Gahman

Youth Futures in the Caribbean: Unsettling the Coloniality of Global Mental Health through Desire-Based Research
(with Shelda-Jane Smith)

Dr Alexandra Hall
Dr Alexandra Hall

The Freeport Paradox: Crime, Harm and Reregulation in Special Economic Zones

Dr Anthony Pickles
Dr Anthony Pickles

Political Gambling: Uncertainty, Prediction and the Biggest Game of All

Dr Shelda-Jane Smith

Youth Futures in the Caribbean: Unsettling the Coloniality of Global Mental Health through Desire-Based Research
(with Levi Gahman)

Dr Gavin Weedon

Respiratory In/justice: Breathing in Global Social and Environmental Crises and the Politics of Shared Vulnerability

Dr Elian Weizman

The Threshold of Criminalisation: Cartographies of State Vulnerabilities and Anti-Colonial Resistance in Israel

Contacting Fellows

If you would like to contact any of our Fellows to discuss their ISRF-funded work, please contact Dr Lars Cornelissen (Academic Editor) in the first instance, at [email protected].