Issue XXIV: Post-Individualism

This edition of the ISRF Bulletin comes out of the series of in-house book launches that the Foundation organised over the last year. It picks up a thematic thread that ran through many of these book launches: the limits of individualism. The contributions engage with the various ways in which individualism is always already in the process of being challenged, unsettled, deconstructed.

Featuring contributions from Kostas Gavroglu, Christopher Newfield, Oche Onazi, Manjeet Ramgotra, and Gábor Scheiring.

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Issue XXIII: Race and Markets

Structured around the theme of ‘Race and Markets,’ this issue of the ISRF Bulletin was guest edited by Francesca Sobande, Alice Schoonejans, Guillaume D. Johnson, Kevin D. Thomas, Anthony Kwame Harrison and Sonya A. Grier. The contributions investigate the many complex relations between racial identities and markets, reflecting along the way on the (photographic) gaze, racialised forms of marketing, and questions of anti-racist strategy.

Featuring contributions from Janet Borgerson, Ernesto Castañeda, Hilary Downey, Sonya A. Grier, Anthony Kwame Harrison, Guillaume D. Johnson, Naa Oyo A. Kwate, Noémi Michel, Bel Parnell-Berry, Alice Schoonejans, Jonathan Schroeder, Francesca Sobande, Kevin D. Thomas, Zuleka Randell Woods.

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Issue XXII: Structures of Feeling

The guiding theme of this issue is the concept of structures of feeling, coined and elaborated by the Welsh Marxist and cultural theorist Raymond Williams (1921–1988). In the first three pieces, former ISRF Fellows use this conceptual lens to think through their own projects. The second half of the issue is prompted by a research article by Louise Braddock, which seeks to explore the strengths and limits of Williams’ theoretical frame. The final two pieces, a research conversation curated and edited by Niall Gildea and a reflective essay by Christopher Newfield, both depart from and engage with Braddock’s article.

Featuring contributions from Louise Braddock, Henrique Carvalho, Niall Gildea, Mike Makin-Waite, Christopher Newfield, and Julie Parsons.

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ISRF Bulletin XXII

Issue XXI: The Secret Life of Objects

In what way, this issue of the ISRF Bulletin asks, may the study of objects inform our understanding of social or cultural life? What conceptual or methodological challenges arise from the study of (or with) objects? Where do material objects sit within broader structures of signification? And how do they supplement, undergird, or otherwise interact with human subjectivity? In posing these questions, this issue builds on the well-established notion that objects do not form a wholly separate and silent backdrop to human agency but are woven into it, are required for and complicit in it.

Featuring contributions from Marina Álamo Bryan, Lars Cornelissen, Leah Durner, Zuzanna Dziuban, Jill Gibbon, Claire Moon, Jeffrey Murer, and Layla Renshaw.

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ISRF Bulletin Issue XXI - The Secret Life of Objects