Small Group Projects

The ISRF regularly offers support to small groups of scholars working collaboratively. The Flexible Grants for Small Groups competition currently runs annually (usually in the second half of the calendar year).

Generally speaking, ISRF small group awards are intended as enabling one or more short periods of face-to-face joint group work such as workshops, working-in-pairs, or short academic visits (e-working, video-conferencing or Skype expenses are not included).

Tenth Flexible Grants for Small Groups Competition

In October 2023, the ISRF launched its tenth Flexible Grants for Small Groups competition. Award decisions were announced in April 2024.

Contacting Grantees

If you would like to contact any of our Grantees to discuss their ISRF-funded work, please contact Dr Lars Cornelissen (Academic Editor) in the first instance, at [email protected].