Posted on 30 December 2017 in awards, news

Fourth Flexible Grants for Small Groups Competition – Awards Made

In July 2017, the ISRF launched its fourth Flexible Grants for Small Groups competition. Having received a number of strong proposals, a pool of independent external assessors supported the funding of 14 projects.

Fourth Flexible Grants for Small Groups Competition

Scholars from within Europe were eligible to apply as Principal Investigator(s) to lead a small group of 2-10 scholars. Awards were made to:

  • Beyond Critique: Reimagining Penal Power at the Border
    Mary Bosworth
  • Comparing the Taxation of Prostitution in Europe: Experiences and Negotiations With Laws and Fiscal Arrangements
    Isabel Crowhurst
  • Corruption Scandals, Moral Panics and Neoliberal Reforms: Contrasting ‘Mani Pulite’ and ‘Lava Jato’
    Alfredo Saad Filho
  • Cultural Transmission and Social Norms Workshop
    David Hugh-Jones& Fabian Winter
  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Marketing: Influencer Endorsements and the Regulation of Social Marketplaces
    Catalina Goanta
  • Human Experiences of Transitioning to Sustainable Agricultural Practices
    Anne Touboulic
  • Moral Responsibility and Mechanism Design
    Martin van Hees
  • Moving Beyond Opposition: Constructing Tangible Alternatives to the Corporate Investment Consensus in Regional and Global Institutions
    Luke Cooper
  • Private Actors and Enforcement of Foreign Policy
    Michal Onderco & Francesco Giumelli
  • Realising the Potential of Collaborative, Artsbased Research
    Helen Johnson
  • Reconceptualising Underemployment
    Vanessa Beck
  • The Evolution of Economic Power in the Age of Globalization: the Rise of Transnational Corporate Elite Networks
    Jan Fichtner
  • The ‘Forgotten Victims’: Violent Displacement in the Northern Ireland Conflict
    Brendan Browne
  • Toward a Platform Urbanism Agenda for Urban Studies
    Desiree Fields & Rachel Macrorie

Contacting Grantees

If you would like to contact any of our Grantees to discuss their ISRF-funded work, please contact Dr Lars Cornelissen (Academic Editor) in the first instance, at [email protected].