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Towards a Cultural Approach to Dangerousness in Criminal Justice

Alcatraz prison cells

What place does the concept of dangerousness occupy in criminal justice and criminalisation? Instead of seeing dangerousness as a characteristic of serious and persistent criminals, we should investigate its pervasive role in criminal justice, question its socio-affective allure, and unpick the problematic but intimate relation between criminal justice, structural inequalities, and oppression.

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Finishing Time, ‘I-Poems,’ and the ‘Pains of Release’ into the Community After Punishment

Julie Parsons bulletin 22 September 2020

The ‘Finishing Time’ project makes use of timelines and images with graduates from a prisoner resettlement scheme, which are then used to compose ‘i-poems’. What can these i-poems reveal about alternative rehabilitative conceptualisations of wellbeing and meaning beyond the notion of released subjects as risky and potentially transgressive?

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