Posted on 11 July 2022 in feminist economics

(Video) How Austerity Alters Lives and Futures

In this short animation, ‘How Austerity Alters Lives and Futures’, former ISRF Fellow Professor Sarah Marie Hall explores the impacts of austerity cuts in the UK.

Main image:
Still from How Austerity Alters Lives and Futures, courtesy of the author.

Designed by Tom Young and authored by Sarah Marie Hall, this short animation is a creative output from Sarah’s ISRF Political Economy Fellowship (2019-2020), and is entitled ‘how austerity alters lives and futures’. It explores key issues around (not) having children as a result of austerity cuts in the UK, touches on the Oral History and Futures method, and shares key findings and next steps.

Professor Sarah Marie Hall

Professor Sarah Marie Hall was an ISRF Political Economy Research Fellow in 2019–20. Her research sits in the broad field of geographical feminist political economy: understanding how socio-economic processes are shaped by gender relations, lived experience and social difference. From 2012-2015 Sarah held a Hallsworth Research Fellowship in Political Economy (2012-2015) during which time she carried out the Everyday Austerity project, and is currently working on a manuscript on this research.

ISRF Sarah Marie Hall