Posted on 22 November 2016 in awards, news, political economy

Third Flexible Grants for Small Groups Competition – Awards Made

In April 2016, the ISRF launched its third Flexible Grants for Small Groups competition. Having received a number of strong proposals, a pool of independent external assessors supported the funding of eight projects.

Third Flexible Grants for Small Groups Competition

Scholars from within Europe were eligible to apply as Principal Investigator(s) to lead a small group of 2-10 scholars from different disciplines wishing to work together towards conceptual innovation in Political Economy. Awards were made to:

  • The Anti-politics of Austerity: Exploring the Scalar and Spatial Dimensions of Political Crisis and Renewal in Europe
    Ross Beveridge & David Featherstone
  • Transnational Business Networks: The European Corporate Elite Through the Lens of Network Analysis and Sequence Analysis
    Philippe Blanchard, Francois-Xavier Dudouet & Antoine Vion
  • Using Critical Reflection to Develop Poverty-aware Professionals
    Janis Fook, Michal Krumer-Nevo & Anna Gupta
  • The Political Economy of State Transformation and Transnational Governance in Asia
    Lee Jones
  • The International Political Economy of Space: Applying Theory to Space Activity
    Sarah Lieberman
  • The Marketisation of Everyday Life
    Sidonie Naulin & Anne Jourdain
  • The Fourth Quadrant Research Project (4QRP): What can Heterodox Economic Theory Contribute to Responsible Innovation?
    Stevienna de Saille
  • Political Economies of Illiberal Peacebuilding in Asia
    Lars Waldorf & Claire Smith

Contacting Grantees

If you would like to contact any of our Grantees to discuss their ISRF-funded work, please contact Dr Lars Cornelissen (Academic Editor) in the first instance, at [email protected].