The Conversation

From April 2017, the ISRF has funded an Interdisciplinary stream at The Conversation. Scholars at The Conversation’s member universities, as well as past and present Fellows of the ISRF, are thus encouraged to bring interdisciplinary social research to millions of readers worldwide.

Researchers are encouraged to write short newsworthy articles, working with an Editor to produce pieces with journalistic flair but no loss of academic rigour. The ISRF hopes that, by promoting interdisciplinarity through this partnership with The Conversation, the usefulness of interdisciplinary approaches will reach broader audiences, and that knowledge of such work will spread beyond the confines of academia.

Any ISRF Fellows wishing to pitch an idea for an article, or simply interested in knowing more, should contact the Interdisciplinary Editor directly at [email protected].

Interdisciplinary Articles by ISRF Fellows & Associates include: