Political Economy Research Fellowship (PERF5)


The Independent Social Research Foundation wishes to support independent-minded researchers working in Political Economy, which the ISRF here extends to include the social scientific study of economies across the whole range of the social sciences. The work would be conceptually innovative, interdisciplinary, and unlikely to be funded by existing funding bodies.

Please read these details carefully – and consult the FAQs – before commencing an application or contacting the ISRF with a query. Applications must be submitted before 5pm (BST) on 1st July 2022. Applicants are strongly advised to submit applications well in advance of this deadline. If you ave any technical issues, please notify Stuart Wilson immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: A Mid-Career Fellowship (MCF6) competition is running concurrently. Eligible applicants may submit an application for each competition, each containing a discrete project proposal (i.e. not the same proposal). Such applications will be considered individually – however, multiple awards will not be made to the same applicant. Political Economy applications should not be submitted for MCF6.

Application Queries

Please consult the FAQ’s before contacting us directly.

Queries should be directed to Despoina Livieratou (Academic & Administrative Assistant) in the first instance, at despoina.livieratou@isrf.org.