ISRF Grant Competition Assessment Procedure

As part of our selection process for grant competitions, long-listed applications are sent out for independent, external assessment. In most cases, we seek at least two such assessments for each application.

In all cases we identify assessors who will be fair, independent and actively sympathetic to the Foundation’s aims.

Assessors are sent a basic Feedback Form to be used as a template for providing their report. Since the Selection Panel’s task is to decide between applications over the range of the social sciences, commensurability is aided by requesting that reports uniformly follow a format which invites comments on the following: importance of the study question; innovativeness and aptness of the methods; interdisciplinary combinations and transformations within, and beyond, the social sciences; quality and originality; feasibility in the period of the award; likelihood that the project is otherwise fundable; and the quality of the written proposal.

Previous assessors have included: