ISRF Book Launch Fund

The Independent Social Research Foundation is able to offer existing or previous ISRF Fellows one grant of up to £500 towards the cost of holding an event at which their book (or a book to which they have contributed significantly) is launched. It is expected that publishers and/or the awardee’s host institution will provide the venue for the book launch or contribute to the cost of venue hire and that the ISRF Book Launch Grant will enable awardees to advertise their book and its launch widely, within and beyond academia, and provide refreshments.

Application Procedure

  • The ISRF Book Launch Grant is available on a rolling deadline (i.e. applicants may apply at any time).
  • Only current or previous ISRF Fellows are eligible.
  • Applicants are wholly responsible for organising and administering the book launch themselves.
  • All book launch promotional material must clearly state that the launch was funded by ISRF.
  • Within a month of the book launch, successful awardees of the ISRF Book Launch Grant must provide the ISRF with a short report on the success of the book launch (e.g. how many people attended? What happened at the event? Were any books sold?). Also, awardees must agree to submit several photographs of the event with permission for these images to be used on the ISRF website and in related promotional material.
  • ISRF to be consulted over invitation list (for potential inclusions).

Applicants should provide:

  • Written confirmation that their book is in press.
  • Details of where the launch will take place and preferred dates.
  • A budget.
  • A short written explanation of how they feel the book launch would improve dissemination to a broad audience, beyond disciplinary boundaries. For example, they might invite respondents or non-academic communities.
To apply, or if you have any queries regarding this scheme, please contact Lars Cornelissen at